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Bible Study Wednesday: The Acts of the Apostles

Today’s reading comes from Acts 19:1-10.  In this passage St. Paul travels to Ephesus where he finds some disciples, who had only been baptized with the Forerunner’s baptism.  Paul learns they never received or heard of the Holy Spirit.  So … Continue reading

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Spiritual Formation Thursday: What is Spiritual Formation?

I have been thinking about what Spiritual Formation is for the last few weeks.  Next week I will be starting a book discussion on Spiritual Formation Thursdays.  But I wanted to also talk about what Spiritual Formation is, because I … Continue reading

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Monastic Monday: Monastic Vows/Practices Part 5: Conversion of Life

This practice is a very difficult one to just sum up and put a neat little bow on, saying this is how you do it go have fun.  This looks different for each person; it is the process of changing … Continue reading

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Spiritual Formation Thursday: Lectio Divina

Today I would like to talk about the ancient prayer practice of the Church, Lectio Divina (Divine Reading).  The Church has used this prayer practice since the early Church.  Origen of Alexandria is believed to have been the first to … Continue reading

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Spiritual Formation Thursday: Listening Prayer

Listening Prayer can be a very controversial topic in many Christian circles.  Many Christians believe God speaks to us and we can listen to him, through our prayers.  However, many other Christians believe that God gave us the Bible to … Continue reading

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